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Referendum en Côte d’Ivoire Rencontre d’échange civis

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    1. I like GKPs neatly phrased psesso-excuued, which take thought to conjure for our benefit, but others may not care for them. Just bear in mind that offence is something that can only be taken, never given.

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      1. this is a great performance! not only for the words but for the delivery that perfectly fits the text. i’ve had the pleasure of seeing remi perform live. he’s a very charismatic emotive explosive performer. as he explains . it’s different hearing him with this voice, it is comedic. it opens a new petmerfanco/poeric window. he so rocks!

      1. Another bitch slap of reality from Uncle Eddie. There has to be some sort of genetic defect in the writers that want to destroy casrnoot, no one can be that evil and be normal.

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      1. Bravo à la gagnante Mais et euh, Alain et la localisation des zo;s&reuv#8230enan parce que il est où ce pont japonais (oui, j’ai tout trouvé le concernant sauf son musée…) et pis Hopper hein pourtant c’est pas faute d’avoir écumé ces Å“uvres et bien lu La BAI historique mais celui-là, je ne le connaissait point. Ah oui et Delvaux bah, j’ai tournicoté autour sans l’avoir vu mais j’étais sur la bonne voie !

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